Top 10 Organic fabrics that are saving the planet

Top 10 Organic fabrics that are saving the planet

Fashion and its toxic-relation with the environment has been a gossip for a while now. Just in India, we are responsible for throwing away 1 million tonnes of textiles each year. If these two do not get some couple-therapy their way, the planet is in a problem.

However, If that title made you click, you're 100% eligible for the therapist. And, your first step is to start buying organic fabrics to make fashion sustainable :

1. Hemp
Hemp is the sober cousin of Cannabis. Hemp keeps both the earth and you happy. It's soft on the skin and works wonders in terms of durability. On the other side, it keeps the soil happy, uses less water and doesn’t require any pesticides. It's a win-win.

2. Linen
Linen is known for keeping its cool when the sun starts heating up. This cool kid is also biodegradable, unless it's dyed. Linen loses its biodegradable properties if it is dyed or bleached. To be sure, always look for legitimate certifications that mark the linen as organic.

3. Banana silk
Roughly 1 billion tons of banana stems (abaca) are thrown away every year. Fashion has put them to good use by producing a silk-like fabric from those stems. Abaca is absolutely organic and requires less water to grow! Go bananas with this one.

4. Organic cotton
Cotton grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals, leaving the soil healthy. What’s better? It doesn't shed micro-plastics and requires less water during plantation.

5. Pinatex
Pineapple has its benefits, but organic fabric is the best one in our opinion. Pinatex is one of the first sustainable textiles used as an alternative to leather. The fabric releases lesser green-house emissions, is water-intensive, in-all it keeps the environment about two-third times happier than leather.

6. Bamboo
Bamboo has won its fame for its soft and flowing texture, all of glam while being eco-friendly. Sounds unreal. So, here’s the catch : While the mechanical method of production keeps the environment healthy, the chemical process takes a toll on the environment. So, keep an eye out on where you buy your bamboo-fit from!


Fur that’s soft, sustainable and sexy. made from coconut, this environmentally friendly fabric is hygroscopic, warm, and naturally antibacterial. It's your license to go nuts while shopping, the sustainable way!

8. Cork
Cork is derived from a tree, cork oak. What’s even better, is that it is harvested by shaving the bark of the tree. So, the bark can re-grow and voila, nature’s happy! The harvested cork just requires some water and can be laid in the sun for a fashionable- fit check!

9. Mushroom leather
Another alternative to leather is mushroom fungus. It is not as bad as it sounds. It is not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also vegan. What’s not to love!

10. Soy cashmere
Soy feels as good as wool, and even though wool is said to be “sustainable” there are many malpractices during the production process. Soy cashmere is an anti-bacterial, organic fabric made of soy pulp.

Now that you know your fabrics, choose wisely and always remember , nothing is organic without a certificate. The best way to consume carefully is to consume less : Buy better, Wear more, Waste less. Go Organique

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